Vink, M., Derks, B., Ellemers, N., & van der Lippe, T. (2023). All is nice and well unless she outshines him: Higher social status benefits women's well‐being and relationship quality but not if they surpass their male partner. Journal of Social Issues, 79(1), 494-527.

In two studies, we find that climbing the societal ladder has positiveassociations with women’s well‐being and relationship outcomes but can alsohave negative consequences when women surpass their male partners in status.In Study 1 (N = 314), we found that women who reported having higher personalstatus also reported several positive relationship outcomes (e.g., higherrelationship quality than women with lower personal status). However, theseassociations reversed for women who surpassed their partners in socialstatus. In Study 2, a diary study (N = 112), we show how women’s implicitendorsement of gender stereotypes qualifies the negative associations ofsurpassing one’s partner in status. Among women with higher status than theirpartner, traditional women intend to adjust their behavior to fit the gendernorm (e.g., thinking about reducing work hours in favor of their time athome), whereas egalitarian women did not, but felt guilty toward theirpartner. We show how the relationship dynamics of women who have surpassedtheir partners in social status should be considered when attempting totackle structural discrimination and advance women’s careers.