Activity Patterns Associated With Health Status in Later Life Among Singaporeans. Journal of Applied Gerontology. Mar2020, Vol. 39 Issue 3, p311-322. 12p.

Research on activities overlooks the possibility that older adults engage in different activities contemporaneously. To address this gap, we used latent class analyses to identify activity patterns and then examined demographic and health correlates of these patterns among a nationally representative sample of older adults in Singapore. We identified four classes of activities: the family-focused instrumental activity (FIA) class, the social leisure activity (SLA) class, the multidynamic activity (MDA) class, and the passive activity (PA) class. Furthermore, the MDA members showed higher scores in their mental health. Worse physical functioning and higher depression scores also increased the likelihood of being in the FIA and PA groups. Significant demographics such as gender, ethnicity, marital status, education, employment, house type, and income were related to heterogeneity in older adults’ activity patterns. Service providers might consider the impact of certain significant demographic and health-related correlates when planning programs to ensure greater reach and access.