Hillier, K. M. (2021). Academia and motherhood: A narrative inquiry of Ontario academic mothers’ experiences in University Graduate Programs. Journal of Family Issues, 0192513X211064864.

This research provides a qualitative narrative inquiry into the experiences of academic mothers from a Southwestern Ontario university campus. Analysis of the semi-structured interviews and focus groups reveal six key themes regarding the nexus between motherhood and academia: (1) intersection of work and family; (2) embodied experiences of pregnancy; (3) mentoring and networking opportunities; (4) inconsistencies between institutional and program policies; (5) departmental support; and (6) an overall level of satisfaction in being a mother during graduate studies.These key findings are discussed and highlight some of the challenges associated with balancing motherhood, graduate studies, and family life.Issues related to maternal well-being, gender equity, diversity, and inclusion within academia are also discussed and shed light on the experiences of this increasing, yet largely overlooked demographic on Canadian university campuses.