Krueger, K., Alexander, P., Dyster, M., Steele, R., Nelson Goff, B. S., Cless, J. D., ... & Wedekind, M. (2021). A Mixed Methods Study of Relationship Satisfaction in Parents of Children With Down Syndrome. Journal of Family Issues, 0192513X211059827.

Much of the research on parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) has focused on the negative effects on the couple relationship. The current study contributes to the understanding of parental relationship satisfaction in a sample of parents of children with Down syndrome (DS), through a mixed methods study that included data from a large national sample. Parents of children with DS were divided into two groups based on high and low relationship satisfaction scores, with quantitative and qualitative data analyses comparing these two groups.Results indicated differences between high relationship satisfaction and low relationship satisfaction groups on measures of hope, life satisfaction, and coping scores. Qualitative results also indicated group differences. Future research and implications for professionals working with parents of children with DS and other IDD diagnoses should include understanding the unique factors that affect interpersonal functioning.