A rising share of working parents in the U.S. say it’s been difficult to handle child care during the pandemic. By: Igielnik, Ruth. 2021. Pew Research Center. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2021/01/26/a-rising-share-of-working-parents-in-the-u-s-say-its-been-difficult-to-handle-child-care-during-the-pandemic/?utm_source=AdaptiveMailer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=1.26.21%20GENERAL%20working%20parents%20balance&org=982&lvl=100&ite=7800&lea=1714372&ctr=0&par=1&trk=

“Over the course of the pandemic, there has been an increase in the share of working parents who say it is difficult to handle child care responsibilities. At the same time, many working parents have experienced professional challenges while trying to balance their work and family responsibilities. As part of our continued exploration on how working parents are balancing their professional and personal lives amid the coronavirus pandemic, today, Pew Research Center published new and updated findings in a Fact Tank post by Senior Researcher Ruth Igielnik.

From the post:

Overall, about half of employed parents with children younger than 12 in the household (52%) say it has been difficult to handle child care responsibilities during the coronavirus outbreak, up from 38% who said this in March 2020.

Mothers and fathers who are working from home all or most of the time are equally likely to say they have at least some child care responsibilities while working from home (66% vs. 65%), though moms are about twice as likely as dads to say they have a lot of these duties (36% vs. 16%).

To be sure, not all working parents have the ability to work remotely. Some 43% of employed parents say they have jobs that can be done from home, while 57% say their jobs cannot be done remotely. Of those who have the option, roughly seven-in-ten (72%) say they are, in fact, working from home all or most of the time.

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