Villegas, E., Coba‐Rodriguez, S., & Wiley, A. (2022). Gathering around the table: Negotiating family mealtime patterns among Latino families.

With increasing obesity prevalence among Latino families, itis imperative to understand mealtime dynamics and how to support families inhealthier mealtime routines. Background: Family mealtimes are an importantcontext for negotiating and making decisions about what and how much to eatand learning dietary behaviors. Yet little research exists on how Latinoparents make those decisions. Methods: Addressing current gaps in theliterature, we conducted three focus groups with 19 low‐income Latina mothersof children who ranged from elementary to high school age. We exploredmothers’ family mealtime experiences in their home country and in the UnitedStates, barriers to shared mealtimes, and knowledge of appropriate portionsizes. Results: Several key findings emerged: (a) Latina mothers recollectsharing family mealtimes more in their home countries than in the UnitedStates, (b) work schedules make it difficult to engage in family mealtimes,(c) uncertainty about correct portion sizes and child influence lead mothersto give in to their children’s preferences. Conclusion and Implications:These findings add to the substantive discussion concerning changes in familymealtimes across borders, continued barriers that families encounter toshared mealtimes, and how knowledge of portion sizes influences mother’sbeliefs and food choices, ultimately impacting the type of foods childrenconsume.