2020 Effective Workplace Index. By: Pal, Ipshita; Galinsky, Ellen; and Kim, Stacy S. 2020. Families and Work Institute. https://www.familiesandwork.org/research/2020/2020-effective-workplace-index

All too often, it is assumed that the needs of employers and the needs of
employees are at odds. The premise goes like this:

• IF jobs benefit employers by engaging employees to be highly
productive and all-in, THEN there’s a cost to employees, ranging from
burnout to exhaustion.
• Conversely, IF jobs benefit employees, THEN employers lose because
employees will put their own needs first, be less committed and won’t
really be there for employers.

But WHAT IF there was a different premise? What if there was a way of
creating a work environment that benefits both employers and employees?

That “what if” has led to a research journey that began in 1997 and has
continued for more than 20 years using data from the National Study
of the Changing Workforce (NSCW). Building on the U.S. Department
of Labor’s 1977 Quality of Employment Survey, this study was designed
and conducted by Families and Work Institute (FWI) in 1992, 1997, 2002,
2008, and in 2016, becoming a project of the Society for Human Resource
Management (SHRM) in December 2016