Conference Registration

Only the researcher(s) attending the 2020 WFRN Conference are required to pay registration fees. Please email if you have any questions regarding conference registration.

Paper Presentations

Paper presentations typically are 15 minutes in length. Accepted paper submissions will be grouped with similar thematic research. PowerPoints are the typical presentation format. The exchange of papers in advance of the conference is often advantageous, but a completed paper is not required. A session presider will act as a timekeeper and question facilitator.

NOTE – LCD projectors will be present in all rooms.  Participants are to bring their own computers and to have presentations available on thumb drives.

Poster Presentations

Posters dimensions should not exceed 2 feet 2 inches in width by 2 feet 8 inches in length. An easel display stand will be provided. There will be one poster session during the 2020 WFRN Conference lasting an hour and a half.

Roundtable Presentations

Papers accepted for inclusion in a roundtable session will be grouped together according to topic, much in the same way as for symposia. Roundtable sessions are less formal than symposia, however, as presenters cannot utilize slides to convey their research. Participants included in roundtable sessions should take turns introducing their research and involve ‘audience’ members in the discussion. Because of limited space, multiple roundtables will be held simultaneously in a ballroom with participants clustered around separate tables. Conveners will be notified if there is room to schedule their roundtable in a separate room.

Symposium Presentations

Symposiums typically contain 4 paper presentations that are 15-20 minutes in length. Individuals who are interested in symposiums must submit completed sessions; one cannot submit an individual paper to a symposium unless solicited to do so. PowerPoints are the typical presentation format. The indivdual who organizes the symposium acts as the presider. The symposium organizer will also act as a timekeeper and question facilitator.