Power and Inequity in Work-Life Research


Power and inequity in work-life research spans race, gender, and social class to work type, family structure, and cultural norms. The overall aim of this Networking Community is to explore how social identities and social phenomena related to power and inequity impact work and life spheres. The Power and Inequity in Work-Life Research Networking Community is open to anyone interested in exploring the effects of power and inequity in how individuals manage work-life spillover amid various types of inequities and how this research can help organizations, work leaders, and policymakers make work “work” for everyone.

This Networking Community grew out of a desire to see research that does not control for social identities and instead recognizes the stigmatizing effect of marginalized identities in regards to power and inequity in work and family lives.

The ideals of the Power and Inequity in Work-Life Research Networking Community are still evolving! If you are interested in shaping this Networking Community and helping decide how we move forward, please contact Renada Goldberg, rmg@umn.edu and indicate Power and Inequity Networking Community in the subject header. 


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Chair: Renada Goldberg, rmg@umn.edu