Parenting & Caregiving


The aim of the Parenting & Caregiving Networking Community is to bring together researchers, practitioners, employers, and policy-makers with interests and expertise in individuals who combine paid work and caregiving for children and/or adults of all ages and ability levels. Membership is open to all WFRN members who identify as researchers, practitioners, employers, and policy makers with interest in integrating paid work with parenting and caregiving.


  • To foster connections between researchers, policy makers, and practitioners working with employed individuals who care for children, adults, or both, as well as the children and adults who are receiving care.
  • To create an open discussion forum to critically evaluate the current state of research on and policy for individuals with paid work and caregiving responsibilities.
  • To encourage interdisciplinary collaborations and/or innovative research to advance scholarship on work, parenting, and caregiving.
  • To promote advances in workplace and government policies that support working parents and caregivers.
  • To be a collaborative forum for advice/guidance on research and research funding (i.e., intellectual exchange).


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Forthcoming. Stay tuned!


Chair: Marc Grau-Grau,
Secretary: Sarah Patterson,
Membership Coordinator: Maitrevee Bardham Roy,