Work2Live Magazine Has Launched: Addressing the Need for More Equitable Work Environments

Deb Phillips and Lori Sokol, PhD, are pleased to announce the launch of Work2Live magazine, a digital, global publication providing news, research, trends, analysis and resources for today’s evolving workforce; focusing on what employees are now seeking post-COVID, and how employers are responding to their needs.

“This is not our parents’ workplace anymore,” says co-founder Deb Phillips. “Now EVERYONE wants a job that provides an equitable salary, comprehensive health and wellness benefits, meaningful work, a supportive workplace, and time for relaxing, recharging, self-care, and spending more time with family and friends.” Lori Sokol, co-founder, concurs: “Workers are now pushing organizations to implement alternatives to in-office work and flexibility to better manage their work and personal responsibilities.”

As co-founders, Deb Phillips and Lori Sokol bring decades of expertise in the field. Lori Sokol, PhD., is an organizational psychologist and executive coach, former founder/publisher of WorkLife Matters magazine, co-author of Flex Primer for the New Future of Work (2011), and the Executive Director of the award-winning, global news organization, Women’s eNews. Deb Phillips has over 40 years of experience in the work/life field, providing direct services to working families and developing global programs for organizations, is the founder of Inclusion Equity and WorkLife Consulting LLC, former president of WFD Consulting, and former owner of Sharing & Caring Family Child Care.

The inaugural issue will reach tens of thousands of readers throughout the world, including the following members of Work2Live’s strategic collaboration partner organizations: The Work and Family Research Networkers, World@Work, The Families and Work Institute, The Boston College Workforce Roundtable, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, The College and University Work-Life-Family Association (CUWFA), and other professionals in the non-profit and for-profit worlds. Most importantly, the publication provides an interactive forum for employees at all stages of work and life to provide input about the issues raised within the magazine, so we can better understand what today’s workforce is experiencing, and identify practical solutions to navigate through this important transformational change, together.

For further information, please visit You may also reach Deb Phillips and Lori Sokol directly via email: W2L@WORK2LIVE.NET