WFRN Member Beth Olson Seeks Research Participants

My lab developed instruments to assess the workplace climate for breastfeeding support, as perceived by pregnant/new mothers and their managers.  We’ve recently revised these instruments to be appropriate for all employees and managers, and to be inclusive.  We need to re-validate the constructs, so are recruiting 180 adults working in the US to take these surveys.  Eligible participants would 21+years of age, working in the US – prior to COVID (March 2020) – at least 50% in a physical location of their company (not at home). If you would have places you could place a recruitment script, one for social media is below. If you would like a longer script that could be used for email, please contact me and I will send it to you.  Beth Olson,

Social Media Post

Recruiting adults (21+) employed full-time in the United States (all genders) for a research study. We’re looking at how employees at your company are supported to combine breastfeeding and work. For more information, click HERE.