September 16, 2021 - September 17, 2021
Virtual via Zoom


This is an announcement that the first WFRN Virtual Plenary Conference Events are scheduled to occur on September 16th and September 17th, 2021. Each of these special live events are open to the public and being offered on Zoom.

This special two-day event will allow us to chat in time-zones friendly to folks in different parts of the world, inviting panelists to share a main finding from current research on Covid19 & Work-Family and what they think makes their country’s response to Covid19 unique. Research will feature countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, Colombia, Canada, Korea, Japan, and Australia. Please see below for more details about the events.

Click here to register for the September 16th panel, featuring Brendan Churchill, Yue Qian, Nobuko Nagase, Melissa Milkie, Ito Peng, Leah Ruppanner, and Scott Schieman

Click here to register for the September 17th panel, featuring Anja Abendroth, Jessica Calarco, Sandra Idrovo Carlier, Heejung Chung, Kathleen Gerson, Ameeta Jaga, and Mara Yerkes

Once you register, we’ll email you a reminder two days before the event that contains all the Zoom links.

I hope you’ll be able to join me and other WFRN colleagues to discuss pressing work and family issues and advances in knowledge.


See you there!

Sarah Damaske, WFRN Vice President



Conversations about Covid-19 & Work-Family Around the Globe


  • September 16, 2021 – 10:00pm to 11:30pm GMT (6:00-7:15pm New York, US; 11:00pm-12:15am London, UK; 12:00-1:15am Johannesburg, South Africa; 3:30-4:45am Delhi, India; 7:00-8:15am September 17 Tokyo, Japan; 8:00-9:15am September 17 Melbourne, Australia)
    • Panelists
      • US: Yue Qian
      • Canada: Scott Schieman
      • Korea: Ito Peng
      • Australia: Brendan Churchill
      • Australia/US/Canada: Melissa Milkie & Leah Ruppanner
      • Japan: Nobuko Nagase


  • September 17, 2021 – 2:00pm to 3:30pm GMT (10:00am-11:15am New York, US; 3:00-4:15pm London, UK; 4:00-5:15pm Johannesburg, South Africa; 7:30-8:45 Delhi, India; 11:00pm-12:15am Tokyo, Japan; 12:00-1:15am September 18 Melbourne, Australia)
    • Panelists
      • US: Jess Calarco
      • US: Kathleen Gerson
      • UK: Heejung Chung
      • Netherlands: Mara Yerkes
      • Germany: Anja Abendroth
      • South Africa: Ameeta Jaga & colleagues
      • Colombia: Sandra Idrovo Carlier