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WFRN Conference Final Program Now Available

The Work and Family Researchers Network 2024 Conference Program is now available at

In preparation for the Biennial Conference we ask that participants immediately:

  • Check the conference program to make sure that your presentation is included as intended. If there are questions or concerns, please contact program coordinator Sam Castonguay at
  • Update your profile on the WFRN membership platform. It is important that you do this because the Montreal Tourism Bureau is providing the WFRN with compensation for each person we draw from beyond Quebec. We are using those funds to enhance the event. We cannot receive this compensation if information on participants is incomplete. On the left menu you will see “Update my profile”.  Be sure that your profile shows your:
    • Name
    • City
    • Province/State
    • Country
    • Postal code
  • Check your visa and passport for entry to Canada. S. citizens are reminded that a current passport is required for entry to Canada.  If you have already applied for a visa, but not have yet received approval, the WFRN can potentially help expedite your approval.  Please email to the following information as it appears on your travel document: first name, last name, passport country of issuance, and visa application number (example: V123456789). We will advance this information for expedited review.
  • Secure hotel reservations. Hotel listings and other information about the conference can be located on the WFRN conference webpage.

By June 1, 2024, we ask that paper presenters:

  • Post a revised detailed abstract in advance of the conference by logging into the WFRN conference submission portal Edit your existing submission (do not create a new submission). Revised abstracts will be made available to all conference participants in advance of the conference. The detailed abstract should follow this structure and use these headings:
    • Overarching questions/concerns
    • Statement on methods
    • Important findings (bulleted list)
    • Implications for research, policy and/or practice
  • If it meets your interest, nominate your paper for consideration of a 2024 Best Conference Presentation Award by following this link.

Prior to arriving in Montreal, we ask that presenters and presiders:

  • Prepare presentations to last no longer than 13 minutes. We advise that you structure your presentation to follow the above abstract format and dispense with non-essential content such as reviews of prior literature or explorations of tangential concerns.  We advise that you practice in advance of the conference so that your presentation does not exceed the maximum length of 13 minutes.
  • If you are identified as a session presider, please review the guidance posted on the WFRN conference webpage. As a designated presider, you play an important role in making sure all presenters have ample opportunity to share their research.  We ask that you time each presentation and clearly signal when a presenter’s allotted time is near completion.  We advise that you hold questions for all presenters until the end of the session and guide interaction to engage all presenters.  You can consider highlighting how the combined contributions of the different presentations contribute to the conference theme of Big Questions in Work-Family.
  • If you are presenting a poster, anticipate that in the presentation hall there will be easels on which you can hang your poster. Each easel will have a 3 foot by 4 foot rigid poster board, on which your poster can be affixed.  Thumb tacks and clips will be available.  Easels will not be pre-assigned.  Please plan to hang your poster on any available easel in advance of the beginning of your poster session and remove your poster at the conclusion of the session.

More about the Conference

Big Questions in Work-Family: A Different Kind of Conference

The 2024 WFRN conference focuses on Big Questions in Work-Family. The conference’s objective is to chart an agenda for the future of work-family research, policy and practice. In addition to sharing new research and seeking answers to big questions, this will be a working conference, designed to foster active participation and connectivity among diverse groups.

Instead of conventional plenaries – that touch only those present, we wanted to share some of the field’s best thinking to shape the debate and action on work-family issues world-wide. Thus, we are creating a series of TED-like Big Ideas Talks.  Invited speakers will share their big ideas for addressing some of today’s biggest challenges in work and family. They will share personal stories to illustrate of research findings, as well as guide participants to connect emotionally and intellectually with insights advanced.  The Big Ideas Talks will be professionally filmed and disseminated widely following the conference.

Instead of conventional sessions – the conference program features tightly-packed presentations in thematic sessions designed to foster new insights and synthesis.  Conference participants are encouraged to review paper abstracts in their own sessions and in sessions that they intend to attend prior to the conference. Come prepared with questions/observations.

Connectivity – we observed that the very best conferences draw people into meaningful exchanges.  Our hopes are that you will leave the event rich with new insights, new ideas and new relationships.  Toward that end we encourage all participants to gather at

  • Lunches provided on site on Thursday and Friday
  • The Gala Reception at the historic Windsor Ballrooms on Thursday evening
  • Coffee/conversation stations present throughout the conference
  • Unstructured sidebar sessions that draw together members of networking communities and those with shared interests on specific topical concerns

Mentorship and Networking – lastly, we ask all participants help others to feel embraced by the WFRN community.  Here are specific contributions that you might consider:

  • At the registration desk you will find ribbons to affix to your nametag. These ribbons will help others understand your interests and relationships in the WFRN.
  • If you are at mid and later career stages, reach out to others to share your guidance and experiences, especially scholars at their early career stages.
  • If you are at the earlier career stages, put yourself out there (even if it’s difficult) and chat with others. They will welcome you!
  • Consider joining a Networking Dinner. The deadline for expressing interest has been extended to May 15. More information about Networking Dinners can be found on the WFRN conference webpage To register follow this link:
  • Join others in networking community encounters.

I look forward to seeing you at Concordia University soon!

Ellen Galinsky

WFRN President