At this critical time in U.S. policymaking, I’m hoping you’ll join me in signing on to a letter to the Biden-Harris administration and members of Congress urging them to establish a national paid family and medical leave program as one of America’s top economic recovery priorities. The Biden-Harris administration is expected to propose a jobs and infrastructure package that will include “care infrastructure” and I hope you will agree that paid family and medical leave can and should be part of that package; it is also possible for Congress to consider stand-alone legislation. Our input and support as business and management experts can help make this possible.

The letter is here, and the sign on form is here. We have set a February 26 deadline for business/management school professors to sign. I’m working with Vicki Shabo, a senior fellow for paid leave policy and strategy at New America, on this effort to ensure it is coordinated with federal advocacy and public education efforts. Your sign on form will go to Vicki to process.

The letter argues that paid leave is a critical tool for economic and business recovery by promoting gender and racial equity in our workforce. A national policy modeled on state programs would establish a baseline that would allow every worker and business the certainty of access to paid leave. Evidence from states, the private sector, and international examples show the value of this policy for workers and businesses.  This effort follows a similar letter Vicki and I led in 2015, which generated substantial media interest and Obama-Biden White House engagement. That letter had the support of more than 200 faculty members from 88 schools across the country. I hope we can build an even larger base of support for this one given the urgency of the moment.  Please share this opportunity with your contacts in schools of business and management – simply forward this message to them – so we can have maximum representation.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need more information.

Thank you,

Stew Friedman
Wharton | LinkedIn