Summer Institute in Social Science Genomics (SISSG)

August 8 – 20, 2021

Application Deadline: April 9, 2021 at 2 PM EST

(May be held virtually due to COVID-19; please see our website for updated details)

The Russell Sage Foundation, in conjunction with the JPB Foundation, will sponsor the fourth Summer Institute in Social-Science Genomics from August 8 – 20, 2021 in Stowe, Vermont, unless circumstances require us to change it to an online event. The purpose of this two-week workshop is to introduce graduate students and beginning faculty in economics, sociology, psychology, statistics, genetics, and other disciplines to the methods of social-science genomics—the analysis of genomic data in social science research. The program will include the interpretation and estimation of different concepts of heritability; the biology of genetic inheritance, gene expression, and epigenetics; design and analysis of genetic-association studies; analysis of gene-gene and gene-environment interactions; estimation and use of polygenic scores; as well as applications of genomic data in the social sciences.

Participation is restricted to Ph.D. students, postdoctoral researchers, and untenured faculty within 10 years of the Ph.D. Assuming the event is held in-person, most participant costs, including housing, meals, and travel will be covered. Detailed information about the summer institute and applying can be found here: Questions should be directed to Dan Benjamin at