Teaching Publications

The WFRN has been a leader in developing and disseminating innovative pedagogies and curricula that help students in multiple disciplines learn about work-family concerns. Teaching activities, curriculum designs and syllabi can be submitted to the WFRN’s Teaching Resources Specialist Caryn Medved.

WFRN Information Resources

The WFRN website offers numerous means to disseminate work-family scholarship to our membership and wider communities. These include the Work and Family Encyclopedia, Work-Family Glossary, Fact Sheets, and other resources.  If you are interested in contributing an entry, or leading efforts to curate future resources, contact Stephen Sweet at wfrnet@gmail.com.

WFRN News Feed

The WFRN News Feed is intended to make members of the work-family community aware of recent and forthcoming events, as well as scholarship in academic publications (such as academic journals and books) or items of interest to the academic research community. The News Feed canvases leading research journals that commonly publish work-family studies. Any website visitor can view the News Feed, but only WFRN members can post to it and receive weekly summaries directed to their email. To become a WFRN member, please click here.