TANF and Technology: Preparing Workers for Long Term Success
April 28, 2021 - April 28, 2021
Virtual Via Zoom

As you probably know, the ability to access the internet and technological tools and then use those tools to access, create, share, and evaluate information is essential for employee success in most work environments. The prevalence of technology as a critical element of job attainment and success presents cross-cutting challenges to TANF participants who are more likely to lack basic technological skills, may have recently experienced job loss, and who lack the resources to own the appropriate technology required by most jobs, including laptops, tablets, and high-speed broadband.

During this webinar, speakers will define technological literacy and discuss how it promotes equity among TANF populations by equipping jobseekers across generations with the skills they need to succeed at work. Speakers will explore the need to prioritize access, digital literacy, digital inclusion, as well as discuss the ways in which these areas overlap with technological literacy. Participants will hear from organizations that provide computer and technological literacy training to TANF populations in both tribal, urban, and rural settings, as well as learn more about efforts to increase broadband access and strategies for integrating technological literacy into existing employment services and job training activities. Register here.