Dear WFRN Members,


We are pleased to announce that new showcase recordings from the Work and Family Researchers Network 2020 Virtual Conference Series are now available on the WFRN website, click here for access or follow the recording links below.


New Virtual Conference Series Showcase Recordings:

13.1. The Bright Side of Commuting: Effects of Psychological Detachment on Negative Work-Family Spillover  Matt Piszczek, Wayne State University; Kristie McAlpine, Rutgers University, Camden. RECORDING

13.2. The Shoemakers go Barefoot: Work – Family Challenges among Human Resource Business Partners — Ronit Nadiv – Sapir Academic College, Shani Kuna – Sapir Academic College RECORDING

13.3. The toll of the sexual harassment commissioner role on work-family concerns of female practitioners — Shani Kuna, Sapir Academic College; Ronit Nadiv, Sapir Academic College. RECORDING

13.4. Gendered Employer Policies in the United States — Gayle Kaufman, Davidson College; Richard J. Petts, Ball State University. RECORDING

14.1. SHE SPENDS, THEY CONSUME? The construction of inequalities in parental care and of appropriating domestic goods and spaces   Angèle Jannot,  INED. RECORDING

14.2. The Work-Family Advantages, Challenges and Coping Strategies of US Business  School Professors: An Exploratory Investigation — Scott Behson, Farleigh Dickinson University. RECORDING