Dear WFRN Members,

We are pleased to announce that new showcase recordings from the Work and Family Researchers Network 2020 Virtual Conference Series are now available on the WFRN website, click here for access or follow the recording links below.

New Virtual Conference Series Showcase Recordings:

11.1. Technological Change in the Combination of Work and Care: A Mixed-Methods Study  — Anne Roeters, Netherlands Institute for Social Research; Alice de Boer, Netherlands Institute for Social Research; Wil Portegijs, Netherlands Institute for Social Research. RECORDING

13.11. More money? More problems?: Good jobs do not prevent workers’ stress from spilling over to their health — Jihee Woo, University of Pittsburgh; Kess L. Ballentine, University of Pittsburgh. RECORDING

13.12. Exploring the family identity of Generation Y fathers in the context of dual earner relationships  —Eileen Koekemoer, University of Pretoria; Anne Crafford, University of Pretoria. RECORDING

14.7. Suicide prevention and postvention: The employer role —  Maggie G. Mortali, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention; Sally Spencer-Thomas, United Suicide Survivors International; Jodi J. Frey, University of Maryland. RECORDING

14.8. Should I Stay or Should I Go?: Retirement Considerations of Older Healthcare Workers — LaWanda Cook, Cornell University, ; Hsiao-Ying (Vicki) Chang, Cornell University. RECORDING

15.3. A qualitative examination of: Father’s experiences, constructions and negotiations of flexible working — Alina Ewald, Western Sydney University. RECORDING

15.4. Mothers who perceive autonomy support report less negative affect following a parental leave  Anne-Sophie Huppé, Université de Montréal; Julie C. Laurin, Université de Montréal; Sophie Laniel, Université de Montréal; Alexandra Cournoy, Université de Montréal. RECORDING