Dear WFRN Members,

We are pleased to announce that new showcase recordings from the Work and Family Researchers Network 2020 Virtual Conference Series are now available on the WFRN website, click here for access or follow the recording links below.

New Virtual Conference Series Showcase Recordings:

10.2. Context Matters: How Participatory Research Reveals Work and Family Insights to Inform Contextually-Relevant Interventions and Advance Knowledge About Work and Family Dynamics That Influence Well-Being — Alicia Dugan (Organizer), University of Connecticut (UCONN); Brittany Gaines, UCONN; Jennifer Cavallari, UCONN; Sara Namazi, UCONN; Martin Cherniack, UCONN; Jennifer Garza, UCONN; Richard H. Fortinsky, UCONN; Janet Barnes-Farrell, UCONN; Mazen El Ghaziri, UCONN; Jonathan Noel, UCONN; Caitlin McPherran Lombardi, UCONN. RECORDING 1RECORDING 2RECORDING 3

10.3. Employers’ and Employees’ Distinct Roles in Fostering Effective Work-Life  Balance Practices — Yanick Provost Savard (Organizer), Université du Québec á Montréal; Annabelle Beauvais-St-Pierre, Université de Montréal; Laurie            Galardo, Université de Montréal; Jessica Riel, University of  Québec, Outaouais; Uthpala Senarathne Tennakoon, Mount Royal University. RECORDING

13.7Work-Life balance: The fit of actual and preferred working time arrangements — Anne Wöhrmann, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA). RECORDING

13.8. The competing influence of psychological job control on family-to-work conflict  Dominique Kost, Oslo Metropolitan University; Karoline Kopperud,  Oslo Metropolitan University; Robert Buch, Oslo Metropolitan University; Bård Kuvaas, BI Norwegian Business School. RECORDING

13.9. The pursuit of balance: Differential effects of policy availability and use on work  family balance and work outcomes  Drake Van Egdom, University of Houston; Christine Spitzmueller, University of Houston. RECORDING

13.10. Unhappy when my partner is always on? Intra-individual and crossover effects of working time demands on work-life balance satisfaction in couples  Anne Wöhrmann, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA);  Yvonne Lott, Hans Böckler Stiftung. RECORDING

14.4. Promotions, pay, and parenthood: Examining the motherhood penalty  Quinn Galbraith, Brigham Young University; Alexandra Carlile, Brigham Young University. RECORDING

14.5. Identity reinvention: how identity-implicating epiphanies impact women`s  careers and family lives — Christine Bataille, Ithaca College; Melissa Symanski, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. RECORDING

14.6. Family leave and lower income families: Paid family leave and mothers` childcare arrangements   Pamela Winston, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, Department of Health and Human Services (ASPE, DHHS); Elizabeth Coombs, Mission Analytics Group; Rashaun Bennett, ASPE, DHHS; Lauren Antelo, ASPE, DHHS. RECORDING

15.2. Is remote employment a sustainable practice? — Mary Streit, Northcentral University. RECORDING