Dear WFRN Members,

We are pleased to announce that new showcase recordings from the Work and Family Researchers Network 2020 Virtual Conference Series are now available on the WFRN website, click here for access or follow the recording links below.

New Virtual Conference Series Showcase Recordings:

10.1. Bringing New Perspectives to the Understanding of Work Hour Interferences With  Family Life  Julia Henly (Organizer) – University of Chicago, Lonnie Golden –   Penn State University, Jaeseung Kim – University of South Carolina, Hyojin Cho   University of Chicago, Susan Lambert – University of Chicago, Emily Ellis University of Chicago, Kess L. Ballentine – University of Pittsburgh, Jihee Woo University of Pittsburgh. RECORDING

13.5. Work, Non-Work and Cultural Roles: The Challenge of Balancing Multiple Roles  for Indigenous Scientists  Jarrod Haar – Auckland University of Technology, Willy John Martin – Callaghan Innovation.  RECORDING

13.6. Family Demands and Workplace Supports of Employed Parents of Children with Typical and Exceptional Care Responsibilities and Their Effects on Conflict and Stress  Lisa Stewart – California State University, Monterey Bay, Claudia Sellmaier – University of Washington, Tacoma, Eileen Brennan – Portland State University, Ana-Maria Brannan – Indiana University. RECORDING

14.3. Investigating the Potential for Shared Parental Leave in The UK To Act as a Catalyst for Culture Change in the Context of Shared Parenting Expectations and  Couple Decision-Making Dynamics Clare Matysova – University of Leeds. RECORDING

14.4. Promotions, Pay, and Parenthood: Examining the Motherhood Penalty  Quinn Galbraith – Brigham Young University, Alexandra Carlile – Brigham Young University. RECORDING