We are pleased to announce that recordings of the Work and Family Researchers Network March 12th Virtual Conference Series live event sessions are now available on the WFRN website, click here for access or follow the recording links below.


8.2. Workshop: Ipums Time Use: Using the Leave Module to Study Work-Family Balance — Liana C. Sayer (organizer), University of Maryland; Sarah Flood (organizer), University of Minnesota. RECORDING

8.4.  Multi-paper session:  New Perspectives on Smoothing Transitions across Work, Family, and Community  Uthpala Senarathne Tennakoon, Mount Royal University; Rukshan Tennakoon, Zone R&U Inc.; Tracy Hecht, Concordia University; Elizabeth Eley, Concordia University; Kathleen Boies, Concordia University; Duanyi Yang, Cornell University; Erin L. Kelly, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Laura Kubzansky, Harvard University; Lisa Berkman, Harvard University. RECORDING

8.5. Workshop: Coaching Working Parents through Parental Leave and Beyond  Spela Trefalt, Simmons School of Business; Amy Beacom, Center for Parental Leave Leadership; Scott Joseph Behson, Fairleigh Dickinson University; Jessica DeGroot, ThirdPath Institute; Sharon Hart, Talking Talent; Deanna Siegel Senior, DSS Advisor; Alyssa Westring, DePaul University. RECORDING

8.6. Symposium: Interconnections of Workplace Leave and Flexibility with Daily Time Use & Well-Being —Liana C. Sayer (organizer), University of Maryland; Sarah Flood (organizer), University of Minnesota; Liana Christin Landivar, Women’s Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor; Rose Woods, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Gretchen M. Livingston, Women’s Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor; Carrie Shandra — State University of New York at Stony Brook; Yue Qian, University of British Columbia. RECORDING

8.8. Multi-paper session: Couples: Work and Family Challenges and Possibilities for Improvement  Clare Stovell, Oxford Brookes University; David Collision, Lancaster University; Caroline Gatrell, University of Liverpool; Laura Suzanne Radcliffe, University of Liverpool; Kenona Southwell, Eagle Technologies Inc.; Haslyn Hunte, Eagle Technologies, Inc.; David Topp, Purdue University; Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, Purdue University; Leslie Hammer, Portland State University; Krista Brockwood, Oregon Health and Science University; Jacqueline Brady, Portland State University; Cynthia Mohr, Portland State University. RECORDING