We are pleased to announce that recordings of the Work and Family Researchers Network October 9th Virtual Conference Series live event sessions are now available on the WFRN website, click here for access or follow the recording links below.


October 9th, 2020 Live Event Recordings:

3.1. Multi-paper Session: Mixed methods in work and family research: New insights into motherhood and career paths  Ameeta Jaga — University of Cape Town; Timothy C. Guetterman, University of Michigan; Dragana Stojmenovska, University of Amsterdam; Paula England, New York University; Jamie Lee Gloor, University of Zurich; Tyler Okimoto, University of Queensland; Eden King, Rice University; Meytal Eran Jona, Weizmann Institute of Science; Yossi Nir, Weizmann Institute. RECORDING

 3.2. Symposium: Researching part-time work(ers): Looking to the future — Janna Besamusca (organizer), University of Amsterdam; Mara Yerkes (organizer), Universiteit Utrecht; Tracey Warren (organizer), University of Nottingham; Clare Lyonette (organizer), University of Warwick; Clare Stovell (organizer), Oxford Brookes UniversityHanne Kavli, Fafo; Heidi Nicolaisen, Fafo; Belinda Hewitt, University of Melbourne; Rae Cooper, University of Sydney – Business School; Sarah Mosseri, University of Sydney – Business School; Lonnie Golden, Penn State University. RECORDING

3.3. Symposium: Mental load, what is it, how do we measure it, and what are its outcomes?   — Heejung Chung (organizer), University of Kent; Anke C Plagnol (organizer), City, University of London; Shireen Kanji (organizer), Brunel University London; University of Melbourne, Leah Ruppanner, University of Melbourne; Renee Luthra, University of Essex; Tina Haux, University of Kent; Haley Swenson, Better Life Lab;  Brigid Schulte, Better Life Lab. RECORDING

3.4 Symposium: Risks and realities of work schedules today — Erin L. Kelly (organizer), Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Kathleen Griesback, Columbia University; Kristen Harknett, University of California San Francisco; Daniel Schneider, Harvard University; Rebecca Wolfe, University of California San Francisco; Duanyi Yang, Cornell University. RECORDING