Scholarly Article
Journal of Marriage and Family, Volume 81, Issue 2
National Council on Family Relations
March 8, 2019

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Articles include:

Childrearing Stages and Work–Family Conflict: The Role of Job Demands and Resources

  • Kei Nomaguchi
  • Marshal Neal Fettro

Harried and Unhealthy? Parenthood, Time Pressure, and Mental Health

  • Leah Ruppanner
  • Francisco Perales
  • Janeen Baxter

Is Two Too Many? Parity and Mothers’ Labor Force Exit

  • Catherine Doren

Labor Force Status, Transitions, and Mothers’ and Fathers’ Parenting Stress: Direct and Cross‐Spousal Influences

  • Lyn Craig
  • Brendan Churchill

Beliefs About Money in Families: Balancing Unity, Autonomy, and Gender Equality

  • Joanna R. Pepin

Local Employment Conditions and Unintended Pregnancy

  • Jessica Houston Su

Leaving the Financial Nest: Connecting Young Adults’ Financial Independence to Financial Security

  • Megan Doherty Bea
  • Youngmin Yi

The Wage Penalty for Parental Caregiving: Has It Declined Over Time?

  • Rebecca Glauber

Motherhood Penalties in the U.S., 1986–2014

  • Eunjung Jee
  • Joya Misra
  • Marta Murray‐Close

Use of Parental Benefits by Family Income in Canada: Two Policy Changes

  • Rachel Margolis
  • Feng Hou
  • Michael Haan
  • Anders Holm

Paternity Leave and Parental Relationships: Variations by Gender and Mothers’ Work Statuses

  • Richard J. Petts
  • Chris Knoester

The Qualities of Same‐Sex and Different‐Sex Couples in Young Adulthood

  • Kara Joyner
  • Wendy Manning
  • Barbara Prince

Mom, Dad, or Somewhere In Between: Role‐Relational Ambiguity and Children of Transgender Parents

  • Jaclyn Tabor

Accounting for Divorce in Marital Research: An Application to Growth Mixture Modeling

  • Jeremy B. Kanter
  • Christine M. Proulx
  • Kale Monk

Adoption: A Strategy to Fulfill Sex Preferences of U.S. Parents

  • Ashley Larsen Gibby
  • Kevin J. A. Thomas