Join us at the WFRN’s Graduate Student Preconference June 22, 2022 – A Message from Board Members and Co-Organizers Wen Fan and Yvonne Lott

We cannot wait for the WFRN conference to begin, so we are sharing some exciting opportunities early! The WFRN will host a free preconference workshop for graduate students on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 22. The half-day workshop will offer graduate students the opportunity to present their research, exchange ideas, and discuss questions in an open and supportive environment.

In three highly interactive sessions, outstanding work and family scholars from diverse fields will provide insights into three topics:

  • How to get your work published
  • How to network at conferences
  • How to engage organizations, policy makers, and the public

In a concluding session, panel members will address questions from workshop participants. The aim of the workshop is to inform graduate students about important career aspects during and after graduate school, to encourage students to present and discuss their research with others, and to foster new connections and potential relationships between students.

Registration is open now! Please use this link to reserve your spot: Space is limited and participants will be selected on a first-come basis. Registration will close on May 1.