The International Employee Assistance Digital Archive ( ), or Knowledge Hub, as we like to call it, is an open-access global repository that houses publicly available original works, historical documents, current research and multi-media of interest to Employee Assistance professionals and the broader field of workplace behavioral health. Drs. Jodi Frey and Patricia Herlihy created this repository in 2013. It is now entering its 10th year, and has grown to include thousands of original works from almost 1,000 authors from around the globe. Currently this resource has over 25,000 page visits and materials that have been downloaded over 200,000 times from ten different countries. Feel free to join the archive Linked In group for regular updates on new submissions:

For a fun read that briefly captures how this repository has been helpful to professionals in the field over the last 10 years, scan a recent Journal of Employee Assistance article: Repository for the Ages –

Any questions about submissions or other related concerns/interests in this resource please feel free to reach out to either one of us…..

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