IMPORTANT – Correction to Kathleen Christensen Dissertation Award Submission Address

A typographic error listed an incorrect submission address for the Kathleen Christensen Dissertation Award.  Please submit nominations to committee chair Christina Matz at  If you submitted an application and have not received a confirmation from Dr. Matz, please resubmit to the above address.  A corrected call for nominations is presented below.

Call for Nominations

The Kathleen Christensen Dissertation Award

This award recognizes a recent graduate of a doctoral program who has already made a significant contribution to the work and family knowledge base. The Kathleen Christensen Dissertation Award has been created to encourage doctoral candidates and early career scholars to reach for/achieve high and rigorous standards of research relevant to the work and family area of study. It provides financial support to help a promising work-family scholar to initiate post-dissertation research.  This award is co-sponsored and co-selected by the Work and Family Researchers Network and the Society for Human Resource Management. This award is made possible by generous support from the Northrop Grumman Corporation, the Families and Work Institute, the SHRM Foundation, SHRM’s National Study of the Changing Workforce, and the Work and Family Researchers Network members.

Call for 2020 Nominations

Nomination Deadline

Submit nomination to committee chair Christina Matz no later than January 15, 2020.


Recipients receive a framed award certificate and a check for $2500 and an additional $500 to provide travel expenses to the WFRN conference.


Current WFRN members who completed their doctorate in 2018 through February 2020.

Nomination Procedures

Self-nominations are accepted.

Nominations are directed to the committee chair Christina Matz

Nominations include the following:

  • The nominee’s a summary of the dissertation project (no longer than 5 single spaced pages) that includes the following as separate sections:
    • Summary of the research question and its importance
    • Summary of research methods
    • Summary of key findings
    • Summary of Implications
    • Summary of existing impact of the dissertation project
    • Plans for future scholarship as related to the dissertation project
  • Nominee’s vitae
  • One letter of support from the nominee’s doctoral committee chair or member of the doctoral committee.
  • The committee may request additional information, such as the dissertation manuscript or referenced publications/presentations, but these materials are not requested at time of submission.

Selection Procedure

Recipients will be selected on the following criteria:

  • Importance of the research question
  • Methodological rigor
  • Importance of findings
  • Potential future impact, broadly defined, of the dissertation project

Award Nomination and Selection Schedule

  • Executive Officer posts calls for nominations and applications – June 1, September 1, and November 1 non-conference year.
  • Nominations and application deadline – January 15 conference year.
  • Committee advances recommendations to Executive Committee – March 15 conference year.
  • Committee recommends (if needed) adjustments to the award procedures to Executive Committee – March 15 conference year.
  • Award Committee chair notifies recipient – April 15 conference year.
  • Award is presented in advance of presidential plenary – June conference year.

Awards Committee – 2020

WFRN Representatives

  • Christina Matz, Associate Professor Social Work, Boston College USA (Committee Chair. email
  • Clare Kelliher, Professor Labor Studies, Cranfield University UK

SHRM Representatives

  • Alexander Alonso, Chief Knowledge Officer
  • Wendi Safstrom, Executive Director SHRM Foundation