ILERA World Congress
May 24th, 2021
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Call for Papers: Flexible Work Patterns Study Group Meeting at the 19th ILERA World Congress, Lund, Sweden, 21–24 June 2021

  • Revised Submission Deadline May 24th, 2021
  • Registration is now open
  • The congress fee is 300 SEK (cc. 30 EURO) excl. VAT. There is a reduced fee of 150 SEK (cc.15 EURO) excl. VAT for PhD-students and students.
  • The Study Group will meet online 11-12.30 (CET) Monday 21st June 2021. All Congress participants are invited to attend and present at the meeting.

The Group covers all types of flexible working and includes part-time, telework, home/distance working, shift work, flexible hours, compressed working week, zero hours contracts, freelance, agency and other temporary arrangements. The aim is to bring together scholars with an interest in this area to network, present, and discuss work in progress or recently completed.

When the group started over 25 years ago, flexible working was considered ‘non-standard’ work. Since then, flexible working practices have proliferated to the extent that they are no longer considered atypical in many economies. Events such as the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 accelerated the spread of home and reduced hours working, and the longer-term economic consequences have implications for this trend towards flexibility. However, while the context is changing, many issues remain the same, including who benefits from these arrangements, how are they are regulated, the social and economic impact, and the role of governments and organisations.

Papers presented at the congresses are theoretical and empirical and address the topic at the macro, organisational or individual level, and in specific national, regional, sector or organisational settings. In common with much research into employment relations, they largely draw on studies carried out in the West. However, research in other regions is growing and we also look forward to learning more about this and the insights it gives from a variety of national contexts. The next few years will be an interesting time for research in this area.

Abstracts of papers on any aspect of flexible working are invited. They should be about 500 words and include:

  • Paper title
  • Name(s) of authors, institutional affiliation and contact details.
  • Aims
  • Theoretical/Research framework
  • Method
  • Findings
  • Discussion/Conclusion

Please send the abstract as a word file to by May 24th, 2021 at the latest.

Do get in touch if you need further information.

With best wishes,

Professor Christine Edwards Kingston University Professor Clare Kelliher Cranfield University