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The Next System Project
The Democracy Collaborative
November 29, 2018

Author John de Graaf’s new manuscript, “Families and Children in the Next System”, explores the current deficiencies in the way the United States supports children and families and shows how a new economic model—a “next system,” based in part on the best practices currently in use somewhere in the world—might better provide for flourishing families and children, both in the United States and around the world. De Graaf considers current policies, both international and domestic, that seem to provide the best results in today’s global economic system. He then suggests how these “best practices” might be incorporated into a larger model for family and child well-being in “the next system.” De Graaf proceeds to consider new ideas not yet implemented that can improve outcomes, and, finally, suggest some pragmatic, step-by-step strategies for moving toward a world that offers the best possible outcomes for all.