If you are the intended presenter at the 2024 Work and Family Researchers Network Conference, you must fully pay membership fees and registration fees. To check the status of your membership and registration, we ask that you please log into our payment system https://www.meetingsavvy.org/wfrn/frmLogin.aspx to finalize your 2024 registration and membership fees.

In the left menu you will see “See my past purchases”.    Check that you have paid both your 2024 membership and registration fees.  If payment of one of those fees is missing, click “Registration/Membership”.  That will bring you to the membership payment screen.  Then click on “Next” in the upper right corner and that will bring you to the registration payment screen.

If your presentation has a co-author team, if needed, an alternate team member can be designated as the presenter by logging into our submission website https://wfrn.mymeetingsavvy.net.  It is not necessary for all members of a co-authored team to be members/register, but at least one member needs to have both the 2024 membership and registration fees paid by March 1, 2024.  Any attendee of the 2024 conference must be a member/registrant.

We will begin eliminating accepted presentations from the program on March 2.  March 2 is also the date when increased late registration fees will be applied.

If you have questions or need guidance, please contact our program coordinator Sam Castonguay at workfamilyrn@gmail.com.

Thank you for your help.

Stephen Sweet

WFRN Executive Officer