Creating Gender-Inclusive Organizations: Lessons from Research and Practice
University of Toronto Press
May 2020

Announcing the new book, Creating Gender-Inclusive Organizations: Lessons from Research and Practice, edited by WFRN members. Ellen Ernst Kossek and Kyung-Hee Lee.

This book examines key themes relevant to advancing women in organizations and the need for individual and organizational mechanisms to foster career agility, with a constant focus on how to bridge research to practice. Providing insights on gender inclusion, mentoring, team diversity, and female leadership, Creating Gender-Inclusive Organizations provides actual hands-on advice from experts on how to leverage human resource and organizational strategies to advance women and close the gender gap. It is a must-read for management leaders, HR professionals, and gender and diversity organizational scholars of all levels.

“This seminal collection is a must-read for all of us who are committed to understanding what it takes to move toward the equitable social environments we have to create in our workplaces if they are to thrive in the turbulent years ahead.”

-Stew Friedman, organizational psychologist at Wharton since 1984 and bestselling author of Total Leadership