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Meredith Bodgas: Supporting Today's Working Parents
SiriusXM Wharton Business Radio
March 27, 2019

Meredith Bodgas was named Editor-in-Chief of Working Mother Magazine and in December of 2016. Prior to that, she oversaw the relaunch of and as executive editor at Bauer Xcel Media. She also helped Hearst’s become an online powerhouse as senior editor, and served on the staffs at magazines such as Parenting, Babytalk, and local editions of Brides, published by Conde Nast. She has also worked at The Knot’s national and regional magazines, Ladies’ Home Journal, and websites like and

Meredith and Stew talk about the culture change afoot in American companies as they strive to do the right thing by all their employees — working mothers and fathers, LGBT employees, those with disabilities, both visible and invisible, and our military employees. They discuss the new Culture@Work initiative that provides an anonymous chat room for employees to share what they wish their organization was providing. This feedback is then given to policy makers to inform the development of progressive, more supportive practices. They talk about today’s father, a different kind of father than in previous generations; one who’s demanding gender neutral leave policies, for instance. And they review the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) listing of which companies are preparing, promoting, and pushing women into executive positions.