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October 5th, 2020 (Closed)
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We would like to inform you that UN Women has published a new Call for Proposals: Civil Society Shadow Reporting on the Implementation of the Secretary-General’s system-wide Strategy on Gender Parity. 

The main product of this project will be an initial civil society shadow report which reviews the overall progress on the implementation of the Secretary-General’s System-wide Strategy on Gender Parity (including the different areas of the Strategy such as leadership and accountability, senior appointments, mission settings etc.) and suggests recommendations for strengthening implementation and stronger monitoring. This project is the first step of the full initiative in which the goal is to continue the shadow reporting mechanism, on a regular basis until the 2028 deadline set by the Strategy, depending on funds available and with agreement from civil society partners. The initial shadow report is expected to help the UN system, Member States and civil society to evaluate the progress on each broader area and recommendation of the Strategy, and to provide valuable insights, analysis and recommendations on how to accelerate the implementation to ensure that the UN will reach gender parity at all levels across the system by 2028.

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Please address all inquiries to focalpoint.forwomen@unwomen.org