International Journal of Human Resource Management
September 2019
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..Special Issue aims to understand the workplace experiences of individuals with mental illness with a particular emphasis on how HR practices and process may influence these experiences. Drawing upon empirical, theory-driven research, we can better understand the ways in which employees with mental illness experience the workplace and identify the factors that contribute to such experiences. Such advances are critical because work is important for individuals with mental illness as it provides structure, gives them a sense of purpose and belonging, and improves their general well-being and financial independence. As researchers begin to explore in detail the work experiences of employees with mental illness, organizations can become better prepared to manage and support these individuals.


Call for papers online September 2019
Papers due from contributors March 16, 2020
First round of blind review and editorial decisions May 31, 2020
Revised manuscripts back from contributors August 31, 2020
Second round of blind review and editorial decisions October 31, 2020
Final recommendations for publication or reject decisions November 30, 2020
Review by editors from IJHRM January 31, 2021
Publication of Special Issue May 2021