Call for Papers
Call for Papers: Female Entrepreneurship Track at EURAM 2019
EURAM 2019
November 3, 2018

The Female Entrepreneurship Track within the EURAM 2019 Annual Conference aims to encourage the adoption of new perspectives in studying female entrepreneurship, able to demolish or confirm the established knowledge, and/or to investigate new issues on this topic.

Thus, we welcome both empirical and conceptual papers from both a national and international perspective and a (not exclusively) list of interested topics are follows:

  • New empirical evidence on the gender gap in performance. Is it possible to use different performance measures in order to better evaluate the women entrepreneurs’ specificities?
  • Motivations and female entrepreneurship. How do women entrepreneurs’ motivation factors change over the life cycle of the firm? Which are the consequences of a “conversion” from push to pull factors?
  • Ethnicity, gender, and entrepreneurship. How does the ethnicity influence women’s orientation towards entrepreneurship and their experiences?
  • Sector of activities. Which characteristics women entrepreneurs in masculine fields show? Does a difference between women and men led firms exist in these sectors?

Deadline for Paper Submission: January 15, 2019 (2 pm Belgian time).

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