2019 Annual ESPAnet Conference
March 31, 2019
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WFRN member Laurie Maldonado and Amanda Sheely are organizing Stream 3: Social Policy and Lone Parent Families: Recognizing Diversity at the 2019 Annual ESPAnet Conference in Stockholm, Sweden to be hosted September 5-7, 2019. Please view the ESPAnet website for more information about the conference and how to submit abstracts. Details about Stream 3: Social Policy and Lone Parent Families: Recognizing Diversity below.

“Stream 3: Social Policy and Lone Parent Families: Recognizing Diversity

There has been significant policy attention to children growing up in single-parent families. However, we know that single- parent households are in transition and are more diverse than the often studied ‘lone mother household.’ For example, recent research has highlighted how lone parents are not only the poorly educated, never married population often targeted by lawmakers and demonized by the media, but are diverse in terms of entry points into lone parenthood, educational attainment, and labor market outcomes (Chzhen & Bradshaw, 2012).

Additionally, we know that lone parenthood is not a permanent state (Zagel, 2014). Indeed, most lone parents have either cohabitated with partners or been married in the past and will also form relationships in the future. Thus, there is growing interest to include separated fathers in the provision of care for their children, including allowing separated fathers to share parental leave with their separated partners in Sweden (Duvander & Korsell, 2018). There is also a trend across countries in children co-residing with both parents after separation – children living in shared parenting arrangements (Bergström et al. 2015).

This stream invites theory-driven empirical studies that examine the ways in which social policy recognizes and supports lone parent households in all of their diverse forms – or fails to do so. Social policies may include, but are not limited to: tax and transfers, child custody/legal frameworks, child support, parental leave, child care, wealth and assets. We invite studies to include poverty, child and adult well-being, and other outcomes.

Convenors: Amanda Sheely, London School of Economics

Laurie C. Maldonado, Medgar Evers College, City University of New York”