New WFRN Member Resources:
Experts Panel & Research Feed

The Work and Family Researchers Network is delighted to announce two new resources exclusive for WFRN members: the Experts Panel and Research Feed.

WFRN Experts Panel

WFRN members now have the option to join our Experts Panel.  Any current member’s name, photograph, expertise, professional biography and contact information can now be posted to the website.  Through the WFRN Experts Panel, we will advance opportunities for media interviews and professional consultation.  In future months, WFRN will locate and contact media representatives, alerting them to the Experts Panel and how WFRN members can contribute informed perspectives.  In addition, WFRN will contact employers recognized for interest and responsiveness to work-family concerns, making them aware of the potential value of Expert Panel consultants for their organizations and initiatives.

To visit the Experts Panel page, click here.

If you are a current WFRN member, to join the Experts Panel, send an email to wfrnet@gmail.com with the subject line “Experts Panel”.  We will send you information needed to post your expertise.

To become a WFRN member or renew your WFRN membership, please click here.

WFRN Research Feed

As an exclusive resource, WFRN members can now receive a weekly email summary of newly published articles, including citations and abstracts.  In consultation with WFRN members, we identified 27 journals that commonly publish work-family research.  We will be surveying these journals on a weekly basis, identifying new research studies that are specific to WFRN member interests.  Members also have the opportunity to announce new publications, which will be sent to other WFRN members and publicly posted on the WFRN website.

To start receiving the weekly Research Feed, please fill out your information here.

To become a WFRN member or renew your WFRN membership, please click here