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Special Forum Topic, "Advancing and Expanding Work-Life Theory from Multiple Perspectives"
Academy of Management Review
January 3, 2019

We are pleased to announce the publication of a Special Topic Forum, “Advancing and Expanding Work-Life Theory from Multiple Perspectives”, in the January 2019 issue of Academy of Management Review. Co-edited by Gary N. Powell, Jeffrey H. Greenhaus, Tammy D. Allen, and Russell E. Johnson, the STF contains six outstanding articles that advance theory at the work-life interface. Several of the articles introduce new concepts, such as work-life ideologies, caregiving ambition, work-family image, and work-life shock events. Others provide a sophisticated, nuanced view of existing concepts, such as work-family balance and organizational work-life policies. All of the articles adopt a multi-level perspective that illustrates linkages of societal, organizational, family, or community factors to individual or dyadic phenomena. Decision making, temporal, and diversity perspectives, especially regarding issues of sex and gender, on the work-life interface are also strongly represented in the articles. Collectively, the articles provide useful guidance for future work-life theory and research and offer innovative implications for practice by employees, couples, supervisors, organizations, communities, and societies. Check it out!