Academy of Management PDW: Contextualizing Work Family in India
August 9, 2019 - August 9, 2019
Sheraton Boston Hotel

Please join us for our PDW on Contextualizing Work Family Research in India on Friday, Aug 9 2019 2:45PM – 4:45PM at Sheraton Boston Hotel in Room Republic A. Everyone is welcome and no preregistration is required.

Most of the research coming out of India in the work-family domain has relied on Western models. Given that work and family lives are significantly affected by social, cultural, economic, and institutional forces there is a need to conduct contextualized research. The purpose of this PDW is to bring together scholars interested in conducting work-family research in India and start a dialogue on conducting contextualized research in this domain.

We hope to discuss and discern how ‘India specific’ factors affect work-family interface. The economic, social, and legal contexts in India provide an important setting for understanding the relationship between work and family lives of working individuals. Specifically, we will focus our discussion on culture, gender, region-specific factors in gaining a better understanding of work-family research. We will also discuss the challenges of conducting contextualized research in the work-family domain.

We invite both practitioners and researchers to come and discuss this very interesting and important topic. The format of the PDW is short presentations by the panel followed by round table discussions.

We’ll look forward to seeing you there!
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