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Supporting Mental Health and Performance in the Workplace with Dr. David Ballard (VIDEO)
Flex Strategy Group
Fall, 2020

Cali Yost Interviews Dr. David Ballard about mental health in the workplace. Yost writes:

“In this incredibly informative, must-listen-to interview, I asked David to share insights and concrete steps managers and individuals can take during this difficult period to encourage and sustain mental well-being and performance.  Specifically, we discuss:

  • If a manager had to pick three things they could do right now to support the mental health and well-being of their people, what would those three things be?
  • What do you wish managers understood about mental health and the impact on the ability of their people to perform and do their jobs well?
  • What do you think some of the longer-term benefits of this increased focus on employee mental health could be even after we are on the other side of the pandemic?
  • How do individuals leverage work flexibility and prioritize the activities that help them stay healthy…mentally, physically, and emotionally.  What are some of the small, meaningful actions you think make the biggest difference?”

You can access the interview by following this link: