Time Use Week 2020
November 23, 2020 - November 27, 2020

Barcelona Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society: Time Use Week 2020

Under the motto Building a new global agenda, it is the first time an international event is organized to talk about time policies in a multidisciplinary way, with the participation of chronobiologists, trade unions, employers representatives, companies, public administrations of all levels, time use researchers, etc.

Participants such as Carl Honoré and Judy Wajcman and representatives of the International Labour Organization, the European Trade Union Confederation, the 4-day Week Foundation European Cities Network for Time Use Policies, Eurofund, among others, both local and international, will take part. It will be held in Barcelona from 23 to 27 November through a digital platform. All the events from the TUW2020 will be held in English, Catalan or Spanish, streamed live and dubbed into Catalan or English accordingly.

The TUW2020  is intended to be a meeting and debate place to collectively answer key questions around time policies, based on a common goal: building a global agenda on time policies, which will provide greater well-being to citizens, aligned with the new socio-economic context and the 2030 Agenda. It will also be the prelude of the Time Use Week 2021, a large-scale meeting on time use at a global level, which will include the annual IATUR Congress, with the participation of 200 multidisciplinary international experts on time use.

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