Know Before You Go – A Message from WFRN President Ellen Galinsky

I am very much looking forward to seeing you at the 2024 WFRN Conference in Montreal! To help you plan forward, I offer you some information about the event.

Where is the conference?

  • The conference will be held at Concordia University 1450 Guy Street Montreal, Quebec Canada. Registration is in the first-floor atrium of the John Molson School of Business (JMSB) also known as the “MB building.” The registration desk will be open Wednesday 9am-5pm, Thursday 8am-5pm, Friday 8am-5pm, and Saturday 8am-1:30pm.

What are the Big Ideas Talks?

  • Instead of traditional plenary presentations, the 2024 conference will feature Big Ideas Talks, 15-minute TED-like presentations designed to stimulate the intellect and stir the heart. I am very excited to share these remarkable presentations crafted by remarkable scholars.  Please join us in building/room H110 for these events. throughout the conference.  The Big Ideas Talks will be also be disseminated online after the conference.

How should I prepare my paper or poster presentation? What is the presider’s role?

For paper presentations:

  • Sessions are 90 minutes long and presentations should be no longer than 13 minutes. We ask presenters to focus attention on:
    • Overarching questions/concerns
    • Statement on methods
    • Important findings (bulleted list)
    • Implications for research, policy and/or practice
  • Ideally presenters post detailed abstracts in advance of the conference by logging into the WFRN conference submission portal. Your original or revised abstract is available to all conference participants in the book of abstracts.

For poster presentations:

  • Like paper presenters, we ask you to post detailed abstracts in advance of the conference by logging into the WFRN conference submission portal. Your original or revised abstract is available to all conference participants in the book of abstracts.
  • On the 9th floor of the MB building, two rooms are arranged for posters. There will be easels and each easel will have a 3×4 foot board, on which posters can be affixed.  Easels will not be pre-assigned.  Please plan to hang your poster on any available easel in advance of the beginning of your poster session and remove your poster at the conclusion of the session.

For presiders:

  • Presiders will help limit each presentation to this time length. After each presentation, the presider will take 1-2 questions from the audience as the next person is setting up. After all presentations have concluded, the Presider will moderate the Q & A and discussion period for the remaining 20 minutes or so. Our intent is for these to become in-depth discussions about the implications of presentations for the future of work-family research and practice.

How do I get my meals?

  • The WFRN sent out multiple communications through different platforms to all who registered for the conference, asking that they specify lunch requests by June 1. All who did so will have lunch tickets waiting for them at the registration desk, which can be presented at the lunch venue in the LB building. If you do not need your lunch ticket, you will be able to donate it to another delegate by handing it back to a registration desk staff member.  There may be a few extra tickets for those who did not advance order lunches, available at the registration desk. The WFRN ordered a limited number of extra lunches.  However, it is possible that we may receive more requests than orders placed. There are many eating establishments in the blocks surrounding the campus.
  • Lunches will be distributed in the LB building. There will be tables, but likely not enough seats to accommodate everyone.  Feel free to grab a friend and walk to any of the presentation rooms or to local parks or any other comfortable spot.  We ask that everyone do their best to keep the event venue presentable by placing leftovers and trash in the appropriate bins.

When and where is the Gala Reception?

  • Conference delegates are invited to join together from 7pm-9pm on Thursday June 20 at the historic Windsor Ballrooms, located at 1170 rue Peel. The reception will provide open bar, hors d’oeuvres and opportunity celebrate our vibrant community. All registrants will receive a ticket to attend the Gala Reception when they receive their nametags at the registration desk.

Where can I find the most recent information about the conference and the conference program?

Is there WIFI? Computers?

  • Yes, each presentation room will be equipped with a computer, projector, and WIFI. We advise that presenters also bring presentations on flash drives.

What about ribbons?

  • Thank you for asking! There will be a ribbon station near the registration desk.  Please take an opportunity to affix one or more ribbons to your nametag to help others learn of your connection to the WFRN and your interests.

Visas and immigration

  • All individuals traveling to Canada from abroad who are not Canadian citizens will need to meet immigration entry requirements. Travelers from the United States need to present their passports at immigration control as they enter Canada.

What if I have additional questions?

Wishing you safe travels. We look forward to a very lively and engaging time together!

Best wishes,

Ellen Galinsky

WFRN President