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Community, Work & Family
Taylor & Francis Online
December 24, 2018

Community, Work & Family, Volume 22, Issue 1, January 2019 is now available online.

This new issue contains the following articles:


Workplace support and European fathers’ use of state policies promoting shared childcare
Linda Haas & C. Philip Hwang


Quite an encumbrance? Work-related obstacles to Finnish fathers’ take-up of parental leave
Johanna Närvi & Minna Salmi

Workplace support of fathers’ parental leave use in Norway
Berit Brandth & Elin Kvande

Policy is not enough – the influence of the gendered workplace on fathers’ use of parental leave in Sweden
Linda Haas & C. Philip Hwang

The problem is in practice: policy support and employer support for fathers’ participation in childcare in Slovenia
Nada Stropnik, Živa Humer, Aleksandra Kanjuo Mrčela & Janez Štebe

The effectiveness of corporate gender equality plans in improving leave provisions for fathers in Spain
Gerardo Meil, Pedro Romero-Balsas & Concepción Castrillo-Bustamante

Making use of work–family balance entitlements: how to support fathers with combining employment and caregiving
Jessica Moran & Alison Koslowski