The WFRN Executive Office is initiating the process of finalizing the WFRN’s 2024 conference program.  For accepted presentations to remain in the WFRN 2024 conference program, at least one author in any presentation must fully pay membership fees and registration fees.

The registration status of presentations can be found by examining the preliminary program at this link:  If your presentation is listed as “not registered” it will be removed from the conference program soon.

To make any needed payments, please log into our payment system  In the left menu you will see “See my past purchases”.    Check that you have paid your 2024 membership and registration fees.  If payment of either fee is missing, click “Registration/Membership”.  That will bring you to the membership payment screen.  Then click on “Next” in the upper right corner and that will bring you to the registration payment screen.

Participants waiting on visa confirmations before paying registration/membership fees cannot be provided with full assurance that submissions will be reintegrated into the final program.  However, if a participant who has paid their registration/membership fees later finds that travel to Canada is denied, the WFRN will be able to process refunds.  We ask that all participants submit payments understanding that refunds can be provided if travel proves impossible.

If you have questions or need guidance, please contact our program coordinator Sam Castonguay at