The 2021 WFRN election will begin January 15 and end February 1.  All 2020 and 2021 members are eligible to vote.  Announcements of the election are made on the WFRN Newsfeed and through social media platforms.  Individual members will be emailed invitations to vote via Qualtrics.  In the event that a member does not receive an email invitation to vote, they are encouraged to contact the Executive Office at by January 25 so that they can be advanced a ballot.  Below is the slate for 2021.

President (one position unopposed)

  • Melissa Milkie (Canada)

Vice President (one position)

  • Sarah Damaske (USA)
  • Leslie Hammer (USA)

Secretary (one position)

  • Ameeta Jaga (South Africa)
  • Leah Ruppanner (Australia)

Executive Board Members (two positions)

  • Yang Hu (UK)
  • Shireen Kanji (UK)
  • Yvonne Lott (Germany)
  • Clarice Santos (UK)
  • Sabrina Speights (USA)

Additional information on candidates can be found on the WFRN website: