The Center for Families at Purdue University and the Boston College Center for Work & Family are delighted to announce the winner of the 2019 Rosabeth Moss Kanter Awards for Excellence in Work-Family Research.
The winner of this year’s award is Kate Weisshaar, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her article From opt out to blocked out: The challenges for labor market re-entry after family-related employment lapses was published in American Sociological Review. Professor Weisshaar will have the opportunity to present her research to the BC Workforce Roundtable at their upcoming meeting in Boston.
Named in honor of Rosabeth Moss Kanter, who has been identified as the most influential contributor to modern literature on work and family, the Kanter Award is given for the best research paper published during the year. The finalist articles were selected through a vigorous process involving nomination and review by a committee of 75 international scholars. This year, five finalists were selected from over 2500 articles published in 2018 in 86 leading English-language journals from around the world. The other finalists for the 2019 award are:
  • Wendy Casper, Hoda Vaziri, Julie Holliday Wayne, Sara DeHauw, & Jeffrey Greenhaus (2018). The jingle-jangle of work-nonwork balance: A comprehensive and meta-analytic review of its meaning and measurement. Journal of Applied Psychology
  • Laurent Lapierre, Yanhong Li, Ho Kwong Kwan, Jeffrey Greenhaus, Marco DiRenzo & Ping Shao, (2018). A meta-analysis of the antecedents of work-family enrichment. Journal of Organizational Behavior
  • Kelly Schwind Wilson, Heidi Baumann, Fadel Matta, Remus Ilies & Ellen Ernst Kossek (2018). Misery loves company: an investigation of couples’ interrole conflict congruence. Academy of Management Journal

We congratulate the winner and all of the finalists for their excellent contributions to the work-life literature!