“While the work place is hedged about with various symbolic boundary markers, policing the distinction between work and the family, management and workers often make efforts to present the labor environment as a kind of virtual “family.” This is often done through the staging of office versions of normally family rituals, such as Halloween, Christmas birthday parties, Kwanzaa displays or outings to sporting events (Trice 1985:244-7). These celebrations partly mimic traditional family rites in that they tend to be organized by women, usually in secretarial and administrative assistant positions. Yet, in contrast to company picnics, they are not open to spouses, romantic partners or children, but are limited to co-workers in a given office or division.” (Auslander)

Auslander, M. (2003). Rituals of the workplace, a Sloan Work and Family Encyclopedia entry. Retrieved May 10, 2007, from the Sloan Work and Family Research Network website: