“In dealing with work-family issues and E.U. members subscribe to one of four models. The first is a privatized (noninterventionist) care model and includes Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. The governments of these countries consider the care of young children as being the private business of its employees. It subscribes to the idea that the female and extended members of families will help out with childcare and expect men to be the breadwinners. For example, Greece and Portugal offer three months of unpaid leave for each parent and Spain offers both parents a longer period of unpaid parental leave with a return to their job guaranteed (up to three years).” (Komarraju)

Komarraju, M. (2006). Work and family: Cross-national comparisons, a Sloan Work and Family Encyclopedia entry. Retrieved May 11, 2007, from the Sloan Work and Family Research Network website: