“Overwork occurs when longer hours per day, week, or year begin to have deleterious effects on the individual, family, community and economy. The line between work and overwork is crossed when fatigue and stress build up, often cumulatively, leading to a greater risk of mistakes, accidents, injuries, health problems, reduced quality of workmanship, and diminished productivity per hour worked.  ” (deGraaf, 2003, p. 30).
“…Overwork affects not only those who have to work long hours. Overwork also affects the unemployed and the underemployed: the millions of Americans in the contingent workforce who are struggling to subsist on insecure, low-paid temporary or part-time work, and the millions of people who are seeking work, but remain jobless.” (deGraaf, 2003, p. 13).

deGraaf, J. (2003). Take back your time: Fighting overwork and time poverty in America. San Francisco, CA: Berrett-Koehler